Message From CEO

Khaled Bn Mohammed Alshunaiber

Due to the changes occurring in the labor market, we have noticed the importance of having Human Resource practices in a professional way so that the enterprises can compete and keep up with the evolution to achieve maximum competitive stages.

Since 2012, we have been working at Econsult to develop our services provided to the business sectors and individuals. We are also working to provide well-developed and distinctive business solutions in the market to compete with ourselves. Our Services provided are based on an experienced team of consultants that performs the consultancies in a professional and high-level pattern along with the latest modern techniques and quality standards in the professional performance providing for several clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Despite all the successes that we have achieved, we are still at the beginning of the way.  Since the very beginning, all our results have been excellent. Thanks to Allah Almighty and then to our professional team and its capacity for innovation. We have many unique services that we consider it as competitive advantage to us in the market and we promise our customers to develop and provide more of it in order to continue this success whatever challenges may face us.

The development and growth have no limits. I have personally learned from my father “May Allah rest his soul" that any project without development is a temporary stage of success that will not last long, and from this perspective, I have been working with our team in a clear strategy for development and growth.

In the future, we have many opportunities that we're planning to seize and take full advantage of them, and we are looking forward to being the key arm in the field of human resources consultancy services for many clients. We are also looking forward for establishing several strategic partnerships to build a stronger name in the field of human resources consultancy.